Stone Dragon is a registered South African NPO with a focus on youth volunteerismsocial care and social justice.


Being Dragon is a mindset. It is when you realise the power that you hold for affecting change in this world. It is understanding that you ARE the rescue team, the problem solver and that through your effort amazing things are possible.

  • Understand that you matter.
  • Make yourself available.
  • Show up in our black shirt.
  • Fly with us.
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Stone Dragon offers a professional camping and school intervention services driven by teachers and other remarkable people. It is seated within a Non Profit Organisation that is determined to serve and care for vulnerable South African communities. This gives clients the assurance that each contract awarded also makes a difference at the level of these communities.


A Mobile School event is a structured workshop in which our trained volunteers offer extension classes which provide an enriched version of CAPS linked activities. These lessons are usually pitched at Grade 6-7 and Grade 8-9 but can be extended to other grades and to multiple disciplines. They are hands on and dynamic, giving students a unique and memorable learning experience.

Each lesson is self-contained. We bring all of the lesson elements, printed worksheets, powerpoints where needed and specialist apparatus. Each classroom has two teaching staff assigned to ensure good control dynamics and there are no costs to the school.

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Slipstream, is a youth development and volunteering programme that recognises the importance of youth volunteerism as a driver for societal change. It connects the young people that are inspired by Stone Dragon with opportunities for volunteerism. It allows each leader in our organisation to become a locus of influence. A driver of local change. Inspiring other local young people to join them on mission. It keeps them all accountable to each other and widens the scope of the organisation. If you lead with us then you can become a Slipstream Director and run these inspirational programs for other young people.


Showing up and looking the part is half the battle. Indulge in our aesthetic here...