Gosh, how we at Stone Dragon hate “product language”. You know the type. It is commonly used in teaching and in the schooling space. To speak of students as a “product”. Something to be made. Made well or made poorly. Made to carry the stamp of their institutional background right the way through their lives. We hate the notion that adults can speak of young people as though they were manufactured to type. Manufactured to a set of remote specifications. We know that a school marks a young person forever and that is why we want to help schools as much as we can to deliver an offering that engages and inspires their students.

We know that “young people” are just that, young; but, fully human, nonetheless. Talented, exceptional, powerful and catalytic. That's how we see them. Join us and learn to see the DRAGON where others only see the factory-made.

Mobile is a dynamic, workshop based in-school intervention that we offer to schools all around the peninsula.

We are privileged to have taught every senior primary student in Atlantis in 2019. Covid shut our program for 2020. We are hoping to be up and running again in 2021.

We take beautifully authored practicals in Science, Mathematics, Biology, Drama and English. We take in paper, pens and all the needed apparatus. Microscopes, digital projectors and laptops; a teacher and a teacher assist.

Presenting a self-contained and gorgeous lesson in support of the schools that we work with. It is supported by corporate sponsors and we hope that your company joins in soon.

We need the support in order to reach out to other schools as soon as possible.

We work in Atlantis and Khayelitsha.