One day a teacher in a client school told us that they had to teach one of their students the meaning of the word “hug”. They had to teach the little person how to give and receive a hug.

Let that sink in.

The reality of the relational loss that that little boy had experienced in his life is difficult to quantify. That story brought Stone Dragon to tears. That type of thing cannot be allowed to stand.

We want to work with schools all over the Western Cape and teach them how to do Social Outreach as an integrated part of their school system.

To build a service ethic amongst their pupils and to give them a curated, managed, excellent, client-sensitive solution to the expression of that growing student commitment.

Work with us in SLIPSTREAM and change your school into a force for good.

Slipstream is our tertiary program.

It underpins our overall operation and gives students that we work with an opportunity to serve while they are in school.

We like to involve schools in our feeding scheme and in our various collections. First prize is to have your whole school involved. To reauthor or collaborate with a new body of students as they wrestle with service being a true-hearted and pure act of care but nonetheless built into the system of the school.